Oki, tansi, warm welcomes

Oki, Tansi – or hello for those of you that do not speak Cree or Blackfoot. Guessing from my introduction, you might have guessed that I am of Indigenous descent from here in Canada. I am a Cree, Blackfoot woman who has been studying business and my path has taken me on a journey where Aboriginal business here in Canada has been something I’ve been considering a lot lately.

Being a part of the Ch’nook Scholars program, I have been lucky enough to have more of a glimpse into Aboriginal business than most, especially business conducted on the coast. However, even though I have been going to school to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce, I still feel there are many things I do not know about conducting business as an Aboriginal in Treaty territory  as well as conducting business outside of Treaty territory.

Now that I am finished with school, I have decided to take on this task of learning more about Aboriginal businesses in the Calgary and Southern Alberta, by visiting these businesses and conducting showcases. I also believe that this will be beneficial to those business owners, as it will give those looking to support Aboriginal businesses in the area a central place to locate information!

Thank you for reading my first post – my second post will feature Thunderbird Farms, which is an organization close to my heart. My parent’s own this self-sustaining aquaponics farm in Southern Alberta, and their journey is very inspiring, as they have overcome many hardships to accomplish their dreams of owning their own Aboriginal owned business. I hope you will enjoy the posts!

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